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Cosmopolitan paradise in the heart of the Cyclades

Embark on this iconic Greek journey and discover a glamorous world where luxury meets simplicity. The Cyclades’ stylish and star studded isle of joyous fulfilment has ditched it’s once bohemian persona into one of Europe’s most glamourous, and fittingly expensive destinations. It’s appeal to well travelled socialites and A list celebrities is not only due to it’s progressive nature and profoundly beautiful geography, it also packs an extensive history of Greek culture, especially on the nearby Island of Delos, a sacred site that is said to be the birth place of Apollo – son of Zeus and god of healing. It’s rich history combined with it’s now abundant collection of high end restaurants, bars, and beach clubs make this a go to destination for avid travellers and socialites alike.

2021 COVID updates
Last updated 19/04/21

Greece will be accepting international visitors from the 17th May 2021. From the 19th April 2021 there will be no quarantine requirements or visitors arriving from the EU, U.K, USA, UAE, Serbia, or Israel, as long as they have proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. All of our properties come with a COVID guarantee which protects all bookings with an 18 month credit or full refund in the event international arrivals are banned due to COVID developments.

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