Coronavirus Policy

With government guidelines and travel restrictions changing on a daily basis, we understand our members may be hesitant with bookings due to future uncertainties. We will provide our members with information on the specific hotel or villa's COVID policy which in most cases will offer credit in the event of COVID restrictions banning international arrivals.

Our main focus is to ensure our members book with confidence and true flexibility, and we are working with all our property owners and partner operators in achieving this. We appreciate that the circumstances surrounding every member and booking is different, and will review each case and terms prior to booking confirmation to allow our members peace of mind upon booking. In certain cases, we are also able to negotiate lower deposits on bookings for further peace of mind.

What if all but essential travel is banned to my destination?
In the event all but essential travel to the booking destination is banned, our members will receive credit from the hotel or villa on the booking to use at a future date. As the daily rate changes based on dates and demand, we can not guarantee the nightly rate will be the same as the original dates. Please note the COVID cancellation guarantee is only valid from the member's country of residence.
What are the COVID testing requirements?
As the requirements are constantly changing it is important to have up to date information which we can provide. However it is the full responsibility of members and their guests to ensure they have the correct COVID documents for travel, and Wiser will not be liable for any travel disruptions due to COVID regulations.
What if I can't travel because I'm COVID positive?
Mos hotels and villa's offer protection only for situations where travel borders are closed due to COVID restrictions. They do not cover situations where the member is unable to travel as they are COVID positive. It is the responsibility of the member to take the necessary steps and precautions ensuring they are protected from COVID before, and during the booking.

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